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"SkySlope™ is the perfect tool for today's high-touch real estate professional. It provides Agents and Brokers with complete online access to their transaction documents."

- M. Patterson, CEO,
Laura J. Napier Real Estate

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Managing Agents

It is very important to keep pace with the competition in today’s business world. That’s why it is critical to equip your team with the right Transaction Management Software and tools to stay a step ahead of the competition. SkySlope™’s Real Estate Transaction Management Application helps you achieve that by providing an online platform which you can use to direct and control your teams, from anywhere, any time. Your team could be dispersed but still access the same real time information on our Real Estate Document Management Software. You can send updates and keep agents informed no matter where your agents are accessing our Real Estate Agent/Broker Software.   

Effective Communication

SkySlope™ lets you communicate effectively with your team through its Real Estate Software for Brokers/Agents. We understand that hampered communication can adversely affect your deals. That is why we have designed our Real Estate Agent/Broker Software so the moment you log in from any location, the dashboard displays your scheduled, active and pending transactions. Your agents can receive real-time updates, send emails, fax, print and access documents for every deal.

Monitoring & Directing

SkySlope™ helps you track your team’s activities and helps you stay in touch to guide and monitor your agents. Since you get real time updates on our Real Estate Document Management Software, you don’t have to wait around for reports to be submitted. With support from our intelligent Real Estate Transaction Management Software, you can make prompt business decisions and guide your team as and when required. All the documents uploaded by your agent team are visible to you on our Transaction Management Software so that you can further direct their actions.

Team Work

With SkySlope™, you and your entire team can access your consolidated document repository online at our Realtors/Brokers Transaction Management Software, without having to be present in the same office. This way your team spends less time compiling and organizing data and more time closing deals and generating revenue. You decide which agent is to be given access to certain transaction documents so that there is clear role division, increased productivity and efficient Real Estate Transaction Management. Your team could be seated around the globe, but still communicate with each other smoothly and share documents through our Real Estate Transaction Management Application.