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"SkySlope™ is the perfect tool for today's high-touch real estate professional. It provides Agents and Brokers with complete online access to their transaction documents."

- M. Patterson, CEO,
Laura J. Napier Real Estate

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Authorization and Access

The security of your Real Estate Transaction Management Documents is crucial and this is why SkySlope™ lets you decide who should be able to view what data and receive which updates. Your agents will only be able to access the files and transactions and perform functions that you have assigned to them. You have full control over your office’s Real Estate Transaction Management Application and run it the way you want.

Simple and Smart

We understand that for a person who doesn’t have any technical background, online Real Estate Document Management Software can sound somewhat tedious and complex. We have designed SkySlope™ to be an expansive Transaction Management Software that can grow in size as you include more and more transactions, but still remain absolutely simple and easy to use. You can add a vast number of contracts, documents, forms, and other important transaction documents to our Real Estate Software for Brokers/Agents, and still easily access them through the intelligent user interface.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

SkySlope™ enhances your operational efficiency as you are able to provide your clients quick responses by easily accessing the information they require through our Real Estate Transaction Management Software. Our online platform is absolutely safe and secure allowing you to digitize, share and manage documents online. We streamline the Realtors’/Brokers’ Transaction Management process and help you build greater workflow efficiency.

Maintain Activity Logs

As the administrator of your Real Estate Document Management Software, you can keep check on all your team members' activities authorized by you. Our Real Estate Agent/Broker Software allows you to manage critical real estate files, direct other agents to view shared documents, and keep track of who has viewed or updated them. Our Real Estate Transaction Management Application gives you a complete log of files that were accessed, the agents who accessed them, and when they were accessed.