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"SkySlope™ is the perfect tool for today's high-touch real estate professional. It provides Agents and Brokers with complete online access to their transaction documents."

- M. Patterson, CEO,
Laura J. Napier Real Estate

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Secure and Affordable

SkySlope™ ensures that all your documents in the repository of our Real Estate Transaction Management Software are extremely secure and are only accessible to those authorized by the Administrator. Until and unless subscribers enter a valid username and password and are authenticated at the time of logging into the Real Estate Transaction Management Application, no document will be accessible to them. SkySlope™’s Real Estate Document Management Software incorporates advanced data protection features, but is still extremely affordable.

Reduced Expenses

SkySlope™ allows you to store all data on its “cloud” so you can hire an agent from anywhere across the globe and use our Real Estate Software for Brokers/Agents to effectively communicate with them. If used expansively, our Real Estate Agent/Broker Software can even eliminate the expense of a large office building for your entire team. You will only require internet access and a subscription to SkySlope™. Since our Transaction Management Software provides you an online document repository, you also save on the cost and time associated with paperwork.

Security & Back-Up

Our Real Estate Agent/Broker Software provides a secure login which is encrypted using SSL technology. Only authorized and authenticated users can access the stored information. As soon as you enter data or documents related to Realtors’/Brokers’ Transaction Management into the system, back-ups are created by our intelligent software without any lag time. In case of an interruption at one location, you can access your data from another location, ensuring that your workflow and Real Estate Transaction Management is consistent. We have also equipped our Real Estate Agent/Broker Software with additional firewalls to restrict traffic and protect your data.


SkySlope™ is the most convenient way of conducting Real Estate Transaction Management. Its simplistic design and easy to understand and use features allow you to store, access and share your documents quickly and efficiently. You can upload your documents through scanning, email, etc. Our Real Estate Transaction Management application also allows storage of all your business contacts. You can also maintain a checklist that reminds you of your pending transactions and listings. Features such as reminders and alerts help you remember important tasks and be in step with the developments on your transactions in the Real Estate Document Management Software.